Religious events


January 13th

Saint Anthony abbot

  • Blessing of animals in various parishes


February 11th

Our Lady of Lourdes

  • Mass in the Cathedral and torch procession through the cloister

February 12th

Saint Eulalia

  • Visit to the crypt dedicated to the saint in the Cathedral
  • Eulalia: life and passion


Setmana Santa

Sunday Palms

  •  Benediction of bouquets and palms in all churches
  • icció dels rams i les palmes a totes les esglésies

Holy Thursday

  • Celebration of the Last Supper of the Lord in all churches

Holy Friday

  • Celebration of the passion of the Lord in all Churches
  • Sermon of the 7 words from the Cross: pla de la Seu at 03:00 p.m. .
  • Via Crucis in most churches
  • Processions to the cathedral avenue

Holy Easter Eve

  • Liturgical celebration in all churches


May 11th

Saint Pontius

May 22nd

Saint Rita of Casia 

  • Blessing of roses in the parish of Sant Agustí in Barcelona


Corpus Christi

  • Mass in the Pla de la Seu in Barcelona and procession through the streets of the city center
  • Carpets of flowers in many towns of the archdiocese


July 10th

Saint Christofer

  • Blessing of cars in several parishes


August 16th

Saint Rock


December 13th

Saint Lucia

  • Veneration of the relics of Saint Lucia in his cathedral chapel
  • Saint Lucia Christmas Fair