Barcino Sacra

Project for the cultural management of the ecclesiastical heritage of the Archbishopric of Barcelona

Barcino Sacra is a cultural project of the Archbishopric of Barcelona that aims to facilitate access to the Church’s heritage, explaining it in all its dimensions, in a reasoned and comprehensive way.

Barcino Sacra highlights the values and purpose of the heritage, pedagogically, in order to favour personal, intellectual and spiritual growth of those who wish to approach it.

Barcino Sacra is committed to the preservation and conservation of the diocesan cultural heritage, in a supportive way and, at the same time, increasing the cultural offer of the city.

Barcino Sacra is a joint project of the Diocesan Secretariat of Cultural Heritage and the Diocesan Secretariat of Tourism, Pilgrimages and Sanctuaries, within the Delegation of Faith and Culture of the Archbishopric of Barcelona, in coordination with the various churches included in it.